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Canes for Heroes
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CFH was founded by woodworker Tim Alex, a disabled veteran in Easley, South Carolina. He started out by making a fancy wood cane for a friend, also a veteran. The cane was an instant hit and inspired Tim to begin making canes for other vets. Since then, Tim's workshop has turned out hundreds of custom handmade walking devices.

Tim told a good friend, Clay Davis, from Sumerduck, Virginia, about what was happening. Clay was excited to help out however he could, so when visiting Tim and his family, they make the wood piles fly!  He also helps by donating canes and also maintains the website which was written by good friend Gina Bender from New Bern, North Carolina.

Tim and Clay are both Disabled Navy and Air Force Veterans who say Canes for Heroes is truly rewarding and helps to "pay forward" and "pay back". Tim Alex's daughter Mina Little also helps represent CFH out of Buford, Georgia by distributing cans to Veterans in surrounding areas and by volunteering regularly at the VA Hospital in Decatur, GA.  Ron Blystone a friend of Tim's also living in SC assist him in the wood shop to ensure the production of the canes moves along swiftly.   

If you are a wood worker and would like information how you can make and donate canes and walking sticks to wounded warriors in your area, write, email or call us for free details.  It  would be our privilege to get you started.

You might not be gifted in woodworking, but you can still  be a vital part of CFH.  Simply press the "DONATE" button on this page or mail your gift to:

Canes for Heroes, 111 Mountain View Drive, Easley SC 29640.   As little as $20 could more than help buy wood, patches, shipping and supplies for more canes for veterans.  All donations go 100% toward materials and supplies for making walking aids for our wounded heroes. No donation is to small. 

QUESTIONS:   Please call us us at 540 272-2402 or 864 704-0781

V. A. Hospital, Easley, SC -Vet & Tim
 V. A. Hospital, Easley, SC -Vet & Tim
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    our facebook page
    Tim Alex 864-704-0781
    Mina Little 404-388-9609,

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